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    Careful who you shoot at. They might shoot back, especially on the Super Hornet Interim Purchase.

    “Perhaps most damning for a government that prides itself on evidence-based policy making, the government has silenced the 235 military personnel and civilian bureaucrats directly implicated in the fighter aircraft replacement program. They were forced to sign unprecedented lifetime gag orders—a curious thing if the government thought this considerable body of expertise would back the interim fighter decision.”

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    • Celebrating Robert Burns’ Nicht (2017) in Ottawa

      On Robbie Burns Nicht last January we celebrated the Scottish Bard’s birth with readings of his poetry by fellow Scot John Ivison and some musical interludes featuring music Burns would have known or else written by composers inspired by Burns’ poetry. Here are two videos of a couple of those musical interludes featuring me on the smallpipes and Ralitsa Tcholakova ...

Brian Lee Crowley
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