Brian Lee Crowley
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    Will robots steal the last job?

    In the era of Donald Trump it has become commonplace to bemoan the disappearance of work and the fear seems widespread that robotics will replace virtually every kind of work. We won’t even drive ourselves anymore for Heaven’s sake! Machines will do it all. Or will they? It is a common fallacy that there is […]

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    • Robbie Burns night — readings and concert!

      Robbie Burns night 2017 is, of course, tomorrow, January 25th. To celebrate the Scottish Bard and his immortal work some friends and I are organising a little concert of Scottish-themed music and readings of Burns’ poetry. We will be live at 7.30 pm at Ottawa Pianos on Bank Street. John Ivison will be reading Burns, Elaine Keillor will be playing ...

Brian Lee Crowley
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